Licensed Paramedic

Shirlinda May Savahl, LP

24 years of EMS/ER experience

Concurrently completing BS and BSN degrees.  

Available in Midland or Odessa. 

Prefer cash at the class.


Sharief, EMT

28 years of EMS; 20 years of Law Enforcement with SWAT command experience. 

Available in Midland

Prefer cash at the class.


Dennis, Paramedic

20 years of rural 911 EMS and Firefighter experience. 

Available in Midland & Stanton

Prefer cash at the class.

Licensed Paramedic

Fred, LP

5 years of 911 rural EMS experience; superior ECG and Pharmacology knowledge.

Available in Midland.

Prefer cash at the class.


Michelle, RN

Over 20 years as an RN in ICU/CCU, ER, clinic. 

Available in Midland.

Prefer cash at the class.

Our Tutors all currently work in healthcare, etc.  Hours are available by appointment only.  Please contact us if the calendar is empty.

If your preferred tutor is unavailable, we will contact you to approve a substitute within 4 hours of booking.


Weekdays from 8am-5pm:

101 E County Rd 120, Midland TX 79706.  We are in Suite 202 of the Bustamante Oil Company building. Up the stairs and turn right (no elevator).  Exit 136 off I-20; 1.2 miles south, on your left.

           After 5pm & Weekends:

We meet students in a public, relaxed setting of your choice.  Coffee shops, your college's shared spaces and public libraries are favorite spots.  Please tell us your preference in the booking form.

(This option also available on weekdays 8-5)

Exact cash is expected at the beginning of the session.  Receipts are emailed, if desired. 


Please bring any study materials needed.  Tutor may have supplementary material only. 

Yes, we help with homework, too.  :)